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Correction!!! Beneath Lies Beauty, available now…Better link!

Sorry..there appears to be an issue with needing a password to use the createspace URL to purchase Beneath Lies Beauty.

So, that said, just go ahead and buy it direct from my website–and in case you missed the earlier post, Beneath Lies Beauty is available for sale as of today!




Its Officially Available for Sale!!!

I am utterly pleased to announce that today marks the official release of Beneath Lies Beauty for sale.

At this point, you can get buy it here:


In the upcoming weeks it will be made available on amazon.com and also on my own website as well.

Its been quite a journey….

Disclaimer: I’ve proofed it nine ways to Sunday, please dont beat me over the head if you spot a typo somewhere…lol…



Second Proof On Its Way.

Finally I have finished the corrections and revisions for the second proof and it’s been reviewed and approved by the publisher, and an author proof is on its way. 

Keep your fingers crossed that this one is good and we can get this thing into everyone’s hands soon!